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    ZJL Series Centrifugal Vertical Slurry Pump?

    Model:ZJL Series
    Head: 2--60 m
    Capacity: 10--400 m3/h
    Pump type: Vertical sump pump
    Media: Slurry
    Material: Metal, ceramic,etc

    1. Description:

    Slurry Pump ZJL series are designed as single-stage, single-suction double-casing centrifugal vertical slurry pumps. The ZJL series pumps use international advanced solid-liquid two-phase flow theory and are designed using the Minimum-Wear principle. Slurry pump ZJL series are suitable for handling abrasive and corrosive solids-bearing slurry with maximum density, which are widely used in power, metallurgical, mining, coal and building materials.

    Typical Application:

    ● Concentrate and tailing processing in concentration plant
    ● Ash and slag removal in power plant
    ● Coal slurry delivery and heavy media coal preparation 
    ● Transferring slurry in mining operations
    ● Heavy media coal preparation
    ● Main auxiliary products in thermal power unit
    2. Features:

    ● High efficiency; energy-saving; light weight; reasonable construction; reliable performance; little vibration; low noise; easy maintenance.
    ● Various design of the pump speed and versions enable the pump to work even under poor conditions. 
    ● The wet parts are made from strong abrasion resistance high-chrome alloy cast iron or natural rubber.
    ● The medium transferred temperature should not exceed 60ºC. The weight concentration of the mortar should not exceed 45%; mineral slurry, 60%.
    ● Drive mode: mainly direct connection(DC) and V-belt(BD).
    1. Operating Limits

    ● Discharge Diameter: 40--150 mm 
    ● Flow Capacity:10--400 m3/h 

    ● Head:2--60 m

    2. Materials:

    Materials Options  
    Construction Standard Optional
    Wet end parts (Liners,Impellers) High chrome alloy (A05, A07, A08, A09,  A11, A49, A33, A61……);
    Composite ceramics
    The material adopted is usually based on the detailed application, or could be according to the customer’s requirements.

    3. Performance Chart:

    Note: Approximate performance of clean water and only for primary model choice.


    ZJL series

    1 Volute casing  2 Impeller  3 Rear liner  4 Sealing ring  5 Oil sealing 6 Bearing  7 Oil cu