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  • Shijiazhuang Tech-macro Pump Industry Co.,Ltd

    QA & QC

    Reliable Product Quality

    Over the years, Tech-macro has formed the whole normative quality management system, and intensify supervision, inspection and control to ensure quality level of brand-name slurry pumps. With the advanced test equipment, perfectest process, strict quality standard, and professional testing personnel, to ensure the super quality of pslurry pumps. According to the industrial standard, Tech-macro carry out a series of tests, such as material tests, impeller balance experiment, pressure test, performance test and so on before delivery to assure sufficient quality.
    Dynamic Balancing Machine Performance Test Station

     Laboratory Spectrograph



    TELEPHONE: 0086-311-89809027

    Email(for Project Enquiry): techmpump@163.com

    Email(for General Enquiry): cnpumpru@163.com

    Add: No.55 Kunlun Great Street Shijiazhuang City PRC